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Oval Bright Colored Faceted Aurora Opal Doublet Sterling Silver Ring

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Choose from a stunning white blue pink, bright magenta pink, or gray blue faceted opal doublet for this fun ring! Each opal doublet has been set in sterling silver with a handmade ring band from sterling silver half dome wire. Each stone will have interchanging colors of pink, orange, green, and blue throughout that catch the light and sparkle. Each stone is 14mm x 10mm in size with a height of about 6mm. 

Choose your color and your ring size!

This is an imitation opal with a faceted clear quartz top. **This is for 1 ring only!!**

Please take this ring off while washing your hands as soap and water can cause damage to the stone. A doublet is composed of two pieces of material, usually cemented together at the girdle (the stone's widest part). So this is an imitation aurora opal with a doublet of clear quartz on top of the opal.