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Egyptian Style Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet with Bright Blue Luminescent Amazonite

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This sterling silver cuff bracelet features a stunning simulated bright blue luminescent amazonite. The bracelet is a three-row design featuring two outer bands of a geometric triangle design and an inner band of half shell scallops. The bright blue luminescent amazonite has been set in a serrated setting for an additional detail with five accenting drops on each end and rope wire accenting the stone setting itself. The width of the bracelet is 30.5mm and the opal is 16mm x 12mm in size. The inner width of the cuff is 60.3mm (2.374") and is adjustable to a smaller or larger width. This is a heavier bracelet and entirely made from sterling silver. It has been given a patina finish to bring out the details of the casted form.

Amazonite is the birthstone for people born between 23rd and Sept 22nd for the zodiac sign of Virgo. It is a stone for courage and truth.