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Edgy Opalite Quartz Crystal 14 Karat Gold Plated Arrowhead Ear Threader Earrings

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Hand chiseled opalite quartz crystal arrowheads have been 14 karat gold electroplated and hang from 14 karat gold plated ear threaders. These earrings are so much fun to wear and the opalite finish on the quartz crystal catches the light and changes colors from white to blue to lilac. The arrowheads are about 30mm x 15mm in size. The earrings hang between 3-3.25 inches long from the middle of the ear threader arch. These are a slightly heavier earring, but not at all uncomfortable. But you still might want to be cautious if your ears are sensitive to weight.

Each arrowhead will vary slightly in shape and size as they are all hand formed and unique.