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Astrological Aqua Chalcedony Oval Cabochon Ring with Pattern Sterling Silver Band | Chalcedony Ring | Birthstone Ring | Gifts for Her

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A beautiful bright aqua blue oval chalcedony. This chalcedony is AAA quality and 100% natural. The stone has been set in sterling silver and a sterling silver bezel. The ring band is handmade from a sterling silver band with a unique pattern and is about 1/4" wide or 6mm wide. Please note the width and thickness of the ring band and adjust your ring size as needed! The ring's total height is just over a 1/4" and it is 13mm x 18mm in size. This stone is a light blue but certain light can bring out a green hue to the stone.

Made to order!

The chalcedony stone is associated with the astrological signs of Cancer and Sagittarius. It is associated with water and is a calming, energy balancing stone that promotes benevolence, good will, centeredness, mental stability, inner knowledge, and communication. When wearing this ring, the wearer will more easily achieve the above states.

Remember store your rings in a dark cool place out of direct sunlight and always taken off when washing one's hands as the chemicals in soap can damage the stone!