Romantic Rose Pink Faceted Chalcedony 14 Karat Gold Ring | Gold Chalcedony Ring | Pink Gemstone Ring | Birthstone Ring | Engagement Ring

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A delicate rose pink faceted chalcedony has been set in 14 karat gold with a handmade ring band from 14 karat gold half dome wire. The pink chalcedony is 10mm in size and the cube cut surface of the stone helps it catch the light and sparkle. This stone has a little height, 6mm, but it is dainty and easy to wear.

Made to order! Also available in prehnite, moonstone, or blue chalcedony. Each stone will vary slightly.

The chalcedony stone is associated with the astrological signs of Cancer and Sagittarius. It is associated with water and is a calming, energy balancing stone that promotes benevolence, good will, centeredness, mental stability, inner knowledge, and communication. When wearing this ring, the wearer will more easily achieve the above states.