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A large oval white oval crystal solar quartz has been set in sterling silver. This stone is never boring with different layers and striations within the stone emerge at every glance and in different lights causing it to shine and sparkle. An emerald green mossy inclusion sits in the center of the stone and adds another layer of interest to this stone. The ring band is handmade from sterling silver half dome wire. The stone is 28mm x 21mm in size with a height of 8mm.

Size 9.25 but can be sized up to an 9.75. Please note that this stone is not a perfect oval but more organic in nature.

Solar Quartz is ordinary agatized quartz that is cut from stalactites with mossy inclusions. Solar quartz is a quartz stalactite that has been sliced crossways into discs. This is what creates the interesting and organic inner texture of the solar quartz and the crystal shine of the stalactites within it. It is an energy enhancing stone. Solar Quartz is said to bring emotional strength and upliftment, with great power and energy.