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Rose Quartz Labradorite Purple Moonstone Ring | Tri Stone Statement Ring | Elegant Silver Gemstone Statement Ring

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This three stone gemstone ring is made up of a lovely round pink rose quartz, stunningly flashy round labradorite, and elegant round purple moonstone cabochons that have been set in sterling silver with a handmade ring band from sterling silver half dome wire. The rose quartz and purple moonstone have been set in a plain bezel while the labradorite has been set in a serrated bezel to make it stand out and give the ring a sense of uniqueness. Each stone has been set in a sterling silver platform that mimics the round shapes of each stone.

The round rose quartz is 18mm in size sitting on a platform that is around 20mm in size. The labradorite is 10mm in size and the moonstone is 6mm in size.

Made to order! Each stone will vary slightly in color and hues.