Large Elegant White Pink Gray or Blue Mabe Pearl AAA in Sterling Silver with Scalloped Bezel

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This elegant and stately pearl ring is made from a beautiful and unique white cream 14mm Mabe South Sea AAA Pearl that has many hues including pink. The pearl has been set in sterling silver with a sterling silver ring band handmade from half dome wire. This ring has some height, the setting is almost 1/2 inch high. The white cream pearl is more matte than the other mabe pearls listed, but still has a luminescent quality that makes it captivating!

Available in white, pink, blue purple, or gray purple pearl! See last photo for color options. Each pearl will vary slightly in color and hues as these are a natural pearl and not dyed.

Made to order!

What is a mabe pearl? Mabe pearls have a flat side, as opposed to being relatively spherical, or at least rounded like standard pearls. Mabe pearls come in a wide range of beautiful colors, which span from light pinks, to more bluish shades. The unique nacre of the mabe oyster allows for hues that are quite brilliant and rainbow-like. Their brilliance is quite breathtaking at times, especially in the rarest color, which consists of pink with gold swirls. It is this type of color which brings the value to the Mabe pearls, as well as their rare superiority in texture and luster.

Pearl is the birthstone for June!