Elegant Triangle Purple Chalcedony Moss Agate Sterling Silver Statement Ring

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A stunning elegant purple chalcedony moss agate has been set in sterling silver with a handmade ring band from sterling silver curved rectangle wire. This purple chalcedony has a stunning range of purples that have an inner luminosity. The dark green and black mossy inclusions highlight the purples and give this stone an inner texture and pattern that is breathtaking. There are even some periwinkle highlights around the mossy inclusions. The stone has been set in a crown setting which adds a little more elegance to this ring. The stone is 32mm x 24mm in size. It is a heavier ring but not uncomfortable to wear.

Size 8.5.

Chalcedony is the stone for horoscope sign Cancers! It is a stone that helps restore balance in the mind, body, emotions and spirit.