Elegant Minimalist Rare Oval Plum Purple Sugilite Love Gold Ring in 14 Karat Gold | Gold Ring | Sugilite Ring | Gifts for Her

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This simple and elegant ring is made with a stunning plum purple sugilite that has been set in 14 karat gold with a handmade ring band from 14 karat gold half dome wire. Different hues of purple are found throughout this ring. The stone size is 10mm x 8mm and a height of 5mm. These sugilite cabochons are from South Africa and are AAA quality.

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Please note each sugilite will vary slightly in color and stone striation. The base and dominate color of each cabochon is this lovely plum purple, but a few have varying hues of light green or pink as well.

Sugilite is one of the stones of love. The purple color symbolizes the ray energy being brought to the earth and providing spiritual love and wisdom while opening all chakras to the flow of that love. It makes a great ring for someone you love and is different then the normal pink/red/heart jewelry!