Elegant Dark Blue Sandstone Oval Ring in Sterling Silver | Amethyst Ring | Aventurine Ring | Black Agate Ring | Snowflake Jasper

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A stunningly sparkling dark blue oval sandstone, rose quartz, yellow aventurine, snowflake jasper, amethyst, black agate, ruby zoisite, or brown goldstone has been set in sterling silver with a handmade ring band from sterling silver half dome wire. This stone has more sparkle in person and is never dull, yet still subtle and edgy. This elegant oval blue goldstone is 20mm x 15mm in size and is 7mm tall.

All stones are 100% natural except the blue and brown sandstone (they are man made).

Made to order. Choose your size and your stone! Rose quartz, yellow aventurine, snowflake jasper, blue sandstone, amethyst, black agate (this is a natural stone and may have some lighter lines of grey or white in the stone itself because it is a natural black agate), ruby zoisite, or brown goldstone all available. Please note that each stone will slightly vary from the stock photo. If you have a question or wish to see the available stones, just message!